Reading and News Paper Club


  • The Reading Club shall enable the participants to increase their exposure to the native English language thereby giving them a first class opportunity to improve their standard of English listening, reading and speaking. Coordinating the entire session in English only shall ensure this. In the case of a diverse audience, in terms of their standard of English and literature, the conductor shall create groups accordingly.
  • The purpose of the Reading Club is to create an opportunity for people to become enthusiastic and enthralled with the wonderful world of literature. By organising a reading group it allows people to share the various subjective illusions and opinions generated.

Objectives :

  • Spreading pleasure in reading: providing children and young people with reading pleasure outside of school lessons in a playful form through regular group-oriented offers.
  • Strengthening key competence: in a society which, to an ever increasing extent is dependent upon education, good reading ability and media competence are essential for a successful path in life. Through reading in the peer group and participation in decisions, social competence such as tolerance and sense of responsibility is promoted.


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