Our school is a gardener, seeds of faith , truth and love that develop into the flowers of character, virtue and happiness in the lives of our children. Adorned with sprawling lush green campus, the school wishes to broaden the overall perspective. “The school is a temple and knowledge is power”. And we are developing multi-faced personality in our child. Childhood is like a mirror, which reflects in after life the images first presented to it. It is better to keep children to their duty, by sense of honour and by kindness than by fear.


Name Designation
Dr. Keshav Nilkanth Nandurkar President
Dr. Shirish Shrikrushna Sane Member
Dr. (Mrs.) Preeti Dinesh Bhamre Member
Prof. Kallapa Shankar Bandi Member
Mrs. Monali Jainendrasinh Thakur Teachers Representative
Ms. Sapana Anant Kshatriya Non-Teaching Representative
Mrs. Chitra Suresh Narwade Principal & Member Secretary

K. K. Wagh Education Society’s School Managing Committee

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Keshav Nilkanth Nandurkar President
2 Dr. Shirish Shrikrushna Sane Member
3 Prof. Milind Balbhim Murugkar Member
4 Dr.(Mrs.) Priti Dinesh Bhamre Member
5 Prof. Kallapa Shankar Bandi Member
6 Dr. Bhushan Vasant Kardile Member
7 Mr. Anil Kumar Dikshit Member
8 Mrs. Leena S. Chakravarti Member
9 Mr. N. D. Ovhal Member
10 Smt. Vandana Harish Pawar Member
11 Mrs. Ashwini Santosh Pawar Member
12 Mrs. Monali Jainendrasinh Thakur Member
13 Ms. Kajal Rajeshwarnath Tripathi Member
14 Mr. Hemchandra Ramdas Salunkhe Member
15 Mrs. Madhavi Pravin Pathak Member
16 Mrs. Chitra Suresh Narwade Member Secretary

Complaint Redressal Committee

Name Designation
Mrs. Chitra Suresh Narwade (Principal) President
Mrs. Snehal Manoj Phadke (Parent) Vice President
Mrs. Manish Hemant Khairnar (Parent) Secretary
Ms. Nitya Pillai (Teacher) Joint Secretary
Ms. Nilima Panditrao Badhe (Teacher) Joint Secretary
Mrs. Sanjeevani Jitendra Vadnere ( Parent) Member
Mrs. Shilpa Paresh Marathe (Parent) Member
Ms. Vaishnavi Anil Patil (Student) Member
Ms. Asmita Manish Sakhare (Student) Member
Ms. Riya Ravi Adatiya (Student) Member
Ms. Disha Uttam Dholi (Student) Member
Mrs. Manisha Nilesh Jejurkar ( Doctor DGO) Member
Mrs. Shweta Aanchal Mudgal (Advocate) Member
Mrs. Jyoti Prashant Patil (Police) Member

EC Committee Members (2019-20)

Sr.No Name of Person Designation in Executive Committee Cate-gory
1 Mrs. Chitra S. Narwade Chairperson GEN
2 Mrs. Priyanka Patil Vice-Chairperson GEN
3 Mr. Sharad Musale Secretary OBC
4 Mrs. Vandana Dhamne Joint- Secretary OBC
5 Mrs. Kishori Sagar Lad Joint-Secretary OBC
6 Mrs. Kishori Sagar Lad Class Representative OBC
7 Ms. Archana Mirase Class Teacher (I) OBC
8 Mr. Pankaj Kawalkar Class Representative SBC
9 Class Teacher (II) Secretary OBC
10 Mr. Swapnil Magare Class Representative OBC
11 Ms. Anjum Shaikh Class Teacher (III) GEN
12 Mrs. Vandana Dhamne Class Representative OBC
13 Mrs. Madhuri Kirange Class Teacher (IV) OBC
14 Mrs. Priyanka Patil Class Representative GEN
15 Mrs. Sharda Bidger Class Teacher (V) GEN
16 Mr. Radhanath Mandal Class Representative GEN
17 Ms. Sheetal Gaikwad Class Teacher (VI) SC
18 Mr. Sujeet Singh Class Representative GEN
19 Ms. Renu Vashisht Class Teacher (VII) GEN
20 Mrs. Nisha Patil Class Representative OBC
21 Mrs. Anjali Yawalkar Class Teacher (VIII) OBC
22 Mrs. Nafisa N. Shaikh Class Representative GEN
23 Ms. Kirti Chavande Class Teacher (IX) GEN
24 Mr. Sunil Kapse Class Representative OBC
25 Mrs. Alka Donde Class Teacher (X) SC

Transport Committee

Sr.No Name of the Member Designation
1 Mrs. Chitra S.Narwade(Principle) President
2 Mr.Viyay Bozade Vice President
3 Ms. Swati D. Nagarkar Secretary
4 Mr. Swapnil Nagare Joint-Secretary
5 Mr. Jayesh R. Patil Joint-Secretary
6 Mr.Rupesh Kale Member
7 Mr. B. V. Gawali Member
8 Mr. R. V. Balkawade Member
9 Mrs. Supriya Khode Member
10 Mr.Popat T. Khapare Vice President

Vishakha Committee

Sr.No Name of the Member Designation Contact Number
1 Mrs. Chitra S.Narwade(Principal) Chairman 9923009058
2 Mrs.Monali J. Thakhur Member 8975011991
3 Ms. Swati D. Nagarkar Member 7350722154
4 Ms. Shweta S. Sonawane Member 8379979828
5 Mrs. Shubhangi Belegaonkar Member 9922616280
6 Ms. Jyoti Patil(Police) Member 8888384567

Desciplinary Committee

Sr.No Name of the Member Designation
1 Shree. Balasaheb D. Wagh Chairman
2 Proff. Kallapa S. Bandi Advisor
3 Dr. Bhushan V. kardile(Manager) Member
4 Mrs. Chitra S. Narwade(Principal) Member
5 Mrs. Monali J. Thakur Member
6 Ms.Swati D. Nagarkar Member


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