Heritage Club


  • The heritage club will regard students as active seekers of knowledge by throwing light on the multiplicity of history and cultural experiences that exit in India .It will attempt to whet a student’s appetite for historical enquiry. The club will enable students to learn through discussions, class presentations and project work, share their knowledge through interactive sessions on Indian history and culture to become lively interactions, devoted to learning about, interrogating and reflecting upon our society. The purpose of creating awareness, preserving and promoting our varied and rich ancient culture and traditions,among the young learners. It conducts various activities and educational excursions for students that enable them to appreciate the traditions, culture and religious diversity of our country.

Objectives :

  • To bring history and social science curriculum alive for the students through active learning and doing.
  • To promote awareness of and involvement in heritage to inculcate a respect for diversity ,tolerance ,mutual understanding, patience and promotes peaceful co existence in our children.
  • To inspire young children and encourage them to build a future through an understanding of the past and the present.
  • To equip we children to understand and explore their local heritage and gain a confident sense of self.
  • To encourage we children to learn about national heritage as well as gain exposure to different heritages around the country.
  • Sensitize the students about the pluralistic cultural legacy of India.
  • Instill a sense of social responsibility towards preserving India’s common heritage.
  • Protect and preserve India’s living, built, and natural heritage by undertaking necessary actions and measures.


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