Health And Wellness Club


  • To provide a holistic teaching and learning environment for nurturing a balanced growth in the K.K.Wagh Universal school in line with the school’s effort in providing good, honest and quality education


  • To promote healthy lifestyles via environmental health education and campaigns.
  • To nurture the capability to care, share and appreciate.
  • To nurture the concern for a healthy environment.
  • To provide guidance for the establishment and maintenance of Health Clubs in schools.
  • Provision of Preventive Health Services to Schools.
  • To identify and correct psychosocial problems among school children, including substance abuse.
  • To develop and distribute health education materials and media to schools.
  • Promotion of Educational Research.
  • To co-operate with governments and health agencies in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of school health policies and programs.
  • To set up and run establishments/institutions, that may help in furthering the objectives.
  • To bring out newsletters, pamphlets and other informational materials, that may help in furthering the objectives.
  • To formulate and implement any other activity as may be necessary or is conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


Contact Details

  • K. K. Wagh Universal School

    Survey no. 21/2, Wadala Shivar,
    DGP Nagar-1,


    [email protected]