Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali...,School reopens on 7-11-16.

Rules & Regulations:

Instructions for Students:

  1. 1. The students should strictly follow the school timings.
  2. 2. Parents should not come up to the classrooms to leave their ward.
  3. 3. Children should wear neat & clean uniform daily.
  4. 4. Everyday parents should send with their wards with school bag, Tiffin box, water bottle, one spare dress (Pre-Primary Students). Parents should see that all the above things are given.
  5. 5. Parents are requested to attend the meetings and open house strictly, and also to enquire about the progress of the child with teacher on every Saturday between 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. and can see H.M. on weekdays between 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.
  6. 6. Parents will not be allowed to meet their wards or class teacher during school hours without the prior permission of Head Mistress.
  7. 7. During winter season the students will wear School Sweater strictly otherwise the students will not be allowed to sit in the class room.
  8. 8. Parents should see that their ward comes in a complete, neat and tidy uniform every day with a proper hair cut and their nails should be cut from time to time.
  9. 9. Students without P.T. uniform will not be allowed to sit in the class room on Wednesday, please note.


  1. 1. Parents or guardians are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing discipline, by seeing that their children or ward prepare their lessons and by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of school.
  2. 2. Pupils should be present on time in school.
  3. 3. Parents or guardians are expected to see that their wards come to school with the necessary books and stationery. Pupils repeatedly forgetting to bring the necessary books etc., will be sent back to home.
  4. 4. Application for leave of child should be made by the parents or guardians themselves in writing.
  5. 5. If a pupil is absent due to illness, the Head Mistress should be informed at once.
  6. 6. Parents or guardians are requested to use the Absence / Leave Record at the end of the calendar.
  7. 7. Please see that the pupils attend to their homework, at home properly.
  8. 8. Parents or guardians must sign the Progress report and if any remark or message is sent to them through the pupil’s diary.
  9. 9. Pupil is allowed to attend the class only after proper recovery of any infections or contagious disease.
  10. 10. Every guardian is requested to see that his ward wear complete uniform prescribed by the school.
  11. 11. It is expected from the parents to visit frequently to our official websites.