Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali...,School reopens on 7-11-16.


Computer Science Lab

• Computer Lab has 34 Personal Computers. LCD Projector, Printers, Scanners and Wi-Fi with 24 hours Internet facility.

Art and Craft Room

• Drawing and colouring is the way of expressing Imagination and reflection of students mind. It

also plays an important role in personality Development. Therefore school provides a peaceful and well equipped area as a drawing hall.

Language Lab

• Any language is learnt through active reception of words. We have well equipped Aural-oral

Digital Language Lab, where students are able to record their own audio and can take part in

various activities through listening and speaking.


• Our school is well equipped with different types of books like Fiction, Short Stories, Novels and

Magazines, Non-fiction books like books related to Quizzes on various subjects, Personality

Development, Space Technology, General Knowledge, Reference books on variety of subjects and Daily Newspapers.

Medical Chekup

• The school conducts General Medical Checkup as well as Dental and Eye checkup for students by professional Doctors.

Activity Room

There are special room arranged for Pre- Primary section. The room is filled with different types of games, exercise corner, rest corner, kitchen corner, entertainment area where student can enjoy. They are shown cartoon movies which are based on moral aspects.


The school has appointed trained coaches who help students to master their skills in the activities. Our students participate in state - District level competitions in various indoor games - Football, Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Handball, Yoga, Rope Mallakhamb,Athletics.

Festival & Special Day Celebration

The Students are encouraged to celebrate Gopalkala, Rakshabandan, Makar Sankranti, Diwali, Christmass, Ganesh Festival, Children Day. Special day like Blue Day, Pink Day, Green Day etc. are celebrated in Pre-Primary section. Food Days, Environment Week, Nutrition Week are also celebrated which promote awareness about environment in student. Various entertainment programmes also arranged in school like Puppet Show, Magic Show.

Seminars and Workshops

The school organises seminars on various subjects like Environmental Awareness, Health Guidance and nutrition, Importance of science in daily life for students as well as parents. Workshops like Ganpati Idol Making, Rakhi Making, Lantern Making, Diya Painting are also organised periodically which help to promote creativity and a sense of team work in students.

Field Visits & Educational Excursions

The school promotes learning by doing by organising various field visits & excursions which allows students to learn hands on experience.

Remedial Teaching

Remedial teaching is done for weaker students so that they can easily cope up with other students. It is done according to every child’s individual understanding.

Trip Activity

The school went for ‘educatment’ that is education with entertainment. Education which is termed as field visit. We went to Gargoti Museum, Shubham Waterpark, Wind Mill, Planetarium and Tikujiniwadi

Dance & Music Room

Academic is not only a goal in students life. Co-curricular activities are also given importance for all round development of students. Dance and Music are also needed as a part of daily curriculum. It refreshes the students from their boredom of studies and helps them to develop their interest and creativity. For this school has appointed special coaches for classical, western dance and instrumental music.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school is paying attention towards extra curricular activities which help students to develop interest and to be a skillful personality other than studies. For this school has appointed trained coaches who help students, aster their skill in the activities like Karate , Skating , Yoga , Rope Mallakhambh and Athletics.


Sanskar is an annual social gathering of our school. The various events on stage and off stage like Fancy Dress, Singing, Dancing, Essay Writing, Rangoli, Drawing, Flower and Salad Decoration, Debate, One Minute Show etc. are conducted to provide platform for healthy interaction and active participation of students.

Transport facility

Bus facility is available in the school with separate conductors for each bus. We try to provide bus service through most convenient routes to nearly areas of nashik.

Tab Room & Resources Room

A Tab can put world of enjoyment and convenience in our hands, Make teaching more interesting. School provides students with Tab to learn their subjects joyfully and friendly. Tab help students to understand their textual lesson, solve quiz and puzzles. It helps to create fun and learn environment in school.

Values of the School

Our school is a miniature society. We always promote the students to participate in social activities like awareness of environment, saving water & nature, cleanliness which inculcate good manners and develop a sense of co-operation, group spirit, we stand together.
‘Learning by observing’,
‘Learning by doing’ and
‘Learning by presenting’
are the main corners of our education.