K.K.Wagh CBSE School, DGP Nagar had visited to Sangrila resort and water park to give change to the children from grade III TO VII after their FA-3 exam. A prior notice of all the details were given to children for which they were anxiously waiting . Two busses left from the school at 7.00 a.m. Children danced & sang throughout the travelling to Shagrila . We reached there by 10:00 a.m. breakfast was served which was very refreshing after that children were taken to amusement park where they enjoyed different joyrides , children were roaring with joy while enjoying  the rides which has captured in the pictures . Then lunch was given which included sweets, noodles, dal chawal, puri bhaji which was the need of the time as the children were very hungry after playing in the joyrides. Then they were taken to the water park were there was no restriction , children jumped , rolled , dipped into the water ,slided & splashed water all over.

Then there was music & shower of water from all sides were children danced and overwhelmed to be accompanied by their class teachers were they came more close to each other. They enjoyed this rain dance for half an hour & then were taken to the changing room. Then they were given tea/coffee & after that they marched back to the busses & kept themselves busy in jumping & dancing all way long . They reached Nashik at 8:30 p.m. were all parents were happy to see their children back . Over all the trip was a refreshing one for all the teachers and students and indeed a revitalized one to get bact to work again.


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